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A road cuts through Northern California, a region that Albina Asphalt has been growing their asphalt pavement customer base in recent years.

This year, Albina Asphalt has an article featured in the California Asphalt Magazine’s 2020 Environmental Issue. California Asphalt is a bi-monthly magazine created by California Asphalt Pavement Association. The magazine shares articles on the continually evolving asphalt pavement industry in California. California Asphalt magazine looks into the best practices, the latest technology, and trends of the asphalt pavement industry.


Albina Asphalt’s feature article interviews Kevin Jeffers, who is the operations manager for Albina Asphalt. Jeffers has worked for the company for fourteen years and came from an asphalt emulsions company in Northern California. The article begins with a brief history of the one hundred and seventeen-year-old corporation. It explores how Albina Asphalt has stood out from competitors and became a leading company in the asphalt pavement industry. 


Jeffers explains how Northern California is a growing area for the company. This growth allows Albina Asphalt to extend its customer base further out of Oregon’s borders. Jeffers explains how it is because of the people in the company and the strong relationships they have helped to build with customers that have allowed the business to survive from 1903 to the present. 


Albina Asphalt’s main product line is liquid asphalt and asphalt binder. Readers will learn that the company has also provided customers with release agents, hot asphalt, cutbacks, and dust control products, as well as maintaining its own company rail fleet. The company has worked on projects paving grade products in the high desert to asphalt emulsions in Alaska and everything in between.


Read the magazine article to find out why Albina Asphalt is a leader in the asphalt pavement industry. The company’s article is on pages 30-32. Be sure to check out the rest of the magazine to read how individuals and companies are making a positive impact on the environment.


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