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This past November, Albina Asphalt’s Vancouver Terminal was awarded the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s 2019 Diamond Terminal Commendation for Vancouver Terminal. Albina Asphalt has been recognized for our dedication to responsible operational practices and high-quality products through continuous improvement. This award also recognizes our high standards for commitment to excellence and our outstanding leadership in the asphalt industry.


Who is NAPA?


The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) is an organization that represents asphalt producers and contractors in Congress, government agencies, and other national trade and business organizations. Since 1955, NAPA continues to support research programs to improve the quality of asphalt and paving techniques as well as provide education and marketing materials for their members. NAPA supports more than 1,100 companies and individuals operating on a for-profit basis, as members through education, technical advice, recognition programs, and peer engagement. 

In 2015, NAPA offered the Diamon Terminal Commendation for the first time. This commendation offers asphalt terminal operators a way to demonstrate their commitment to the best practice for terminal operators. Best practices include compiling to health & safety, holding best practices for proactive environmental operations, and forming strong community relations.

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