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Albina Asphalt offers dust control products and services in Oregon, Washington, and California.

From vineyards and logging roads to gravel roads and recreational trails, we meet dust control needs in any environment. Both public and private clients rely on our safe and efficient application process.

With Albina Asphalt, customer service is a focal point—not an afterthought. Our drivers treat each project as if it was on their own land and can accommodate a wide range of special requests. We guarantee that you like working with our team as much as we do!

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Lignin PlusThe strongest dust control palliative we offer. A blend of lignin and asphalt creates a paved road appearance. Eliminates the need for watering for the duration of the season. Requirements for preparation: Surface needs to be bladed, free of excess loose gravel, and pre-watered with a moisture content 3 to 4 inches deep. If treated area is a roadway, a 3 percent crown is recommended to keep water from pooling in the center of the road. Spec Sheet SDS Sheet
Mag Lig Plus

A combination of lignin and magnesium chloride and polymers. Mag chloride is a hydroscopic material that draws moisture from the atmosphere. Lignin is a soil stabilizer/binder. The polymers add thickness to the liquid preventing it from migrating when it is applied. This keeps the treatment where you want it, not off on the side or into root systems.

Spec Sheet SDS Sheet
Dust Off

Unlike most dust control products, Dust-Off absorbs moisture from the air to maintain optimum moisture in the road particles. This hygroscopic effect provides much more dust suppression per gallon than water multiplying the ability to hold the dust down while holding your costs down at the same time.

Spec Sheet SDS Sheet

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