Cationic Emulsions

CSS-1  Product Sheet
Tack Coat used as Prime Coat and Fog Seal prior to paving and chipsealing.

CRS-2 Product Sheet
Cationic Emulsion used primarily for chipsealing, rapid set type of emulsion.

CMS-2 Product Sheet
Medium setting, chipsealing emulsion also appropriate for cold mix recycle and cold mix overlay.

CSS-1H Product Sheet
Same as CSS-1 with harder pen asphalt base.

CRS-2P Product Sheet
Polymer modified chipsealing emulsion for high traffic volume roads.

CMS-2H Product Sheet
Same as CMS-2 with higher pen asphalt base.

CMS-2S Product Sheet
Cationic medium set emulsion.

CQS-1H Product Sheet
Slurry seal and micro surfacing material for low volume traffic areas.

CRS-1 Product Sheet
Cationic asphalt emulsion.

CRS-LTP Product Sheet 
Low temperature cationic polymer modified emulsion.

ERA-EE Product Sheet 
Emulsified Recycling Agent.


(LM) CQS-1H Product Sheet
Slurry seal material for low volume traffic areas.

CQS-1HM Product Sheet
Micro surfacing material for high volume traffic areas.

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