Energy Tips & Analysis

With these tough economic times it’s important to make sure your heating oil is being used efficiently. Here are some tips and resources to make your fill-ups last longer.


If you are a City of Portland senior, find out about the Senior Home Weatherization Program through the non-profit organization  Community Energy Project, Inc.

Energy Analysis

Oregon Department of Energy’s State Home Oil Weatherization Program (SHOW) will give you a free home energy audit. A trained energy specialist will check the insulation in the attic, walls and floors, inspect the windows, and do a free furnace efficiency test. A written report is given to you showing how you can save the most money.

SHOW also offers many specials, including a 25% rebate* for high-efficiency replacement oil furnaces or burners, plus a new above-ground oil tank. *Maximum rebate limits apply.

For your free home energy audit call 800-452-8660 or visit their website.

Energy Tips

1.     Be sure to change your air filter regularly at least twice year, Fall and mid-Winter. This is one of the single largest potential money saving steps you can take.
2.     Check your fireplace damper to make sure that it is closed and that you are not losing valuable heat.
3.     Install a programmable thermostat and lower the temperature to 68 degrees.You will increase your heating cost by 3% for each degree above 68 degrees.
4.     Insulate and seal your ducts in unheated crawlspaces and attics. While you are doing that, check your wall and floor insulation for areas that may need adding to. This will help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.