Asphalt Products

Our many Asphalt products include:

Polymer Modified High Float Emulsions

Albina’s unique line of Polymer Modified High Float Emulsions provides the chip seal industry with the most innovative emulsions available. The latest edition of The Asphalt Institute’s A Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual states:

“The major difference between these emulsions (High Float) and the conventional (emulsions) is the existence of a gel structure in the asphalt residue that is measured by the float test. The float characteristic increases film thickness. While regular asphalt may have the tendency to flow or migrate, the high float residues are designed to stay in place up to 70° C (160° F). Therefore, high float residues are less susceptible to changes in temperature and very resistant to flow at high temperatures during the summer.”

If you’re tired of bleeding chip seal with poor performance, try using Polymer Modified High Float Emulsions on your next project.


Another unique Albina product, RS-LTP, or Rapid Set Low Temperature Polymer Modified Emulsion, is designed to perform in cool, damp weather where conventional emulsions are not recommended. RS-LTP was designed especially for those tree-lined roads that “glimpse the sun” for a short time each day as well as damp foggy coastal areas. A blend of premium asphalt modified with a special polymer and emulsified with an emulsified system formulated to quickly adhere to the existing pavement and the chip rock make the RS-LTP the choice for areas sometimes considered unsuitable for chip seal.